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International Conference on
Machine Learning and Data Mining MLDM´2005

Report about MLDM´2005

Renaissance Hotel Leipzig/Germany
July 9-11, 2005

Giorgio Giacinto, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Cagliari, Italy

Poster MLDM´2005

The International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining was held in Leipzig, Germany, July 9-11. It was organized by the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, IBaI Leipzig. This is the fourth edition of MLDM which started out as a workshop in 1999 and continued as a conference in 2003. All the editions have been held in Leipzig, the city where Leibniz and Wagner were born, where Wolfgang Goethe studied, and where Johann S. Bach worked as town musical director and choirmaster. With such a rich historical and cultural heritage and the outstanding effort of IBaI within the field, Leipzig is also becoming the favourite location for researchers working on machine learning and data mining in pattern recognition problems.

MLDM offers the opportunity for "old friends" to meet together, as many of those who participated to the previous editions attend MLDM to propose new research topics on challenging problems. Also MLDM is an attractor for many "new friends" aiming at discussing their research from different point of views, as MLDM bring together people working in statistical and syntactic pattern recognition, machine learning and data mining. Discussions have been favoured by the organisation of the conference program in a single-track oral session.

This edition of MLDM was co-chaired by Petra Perner from the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Science (IBaI) in Leipzig, Germany, and Atsushi Imiya from the Institute of Media and Information Technology, Chiba University, Japan. MLDM was sponsored by IAPR, and it is the main event of IAPR TC17 on Machine Learning and Data Mining.

new city hall

This year the MLDM experienced a sharp increase in submissions with respect to previous editions. The program committee selected 58 papers from the 103 submissions received from 20 countries. The result was a very rich program, where theoretical and methodological aspects of machine learning and data mining in pattern recognition problems have been discussed, and new applications have been proposed.

To have a taste of the themes discussed during MLDM 2005, here is the list of the topics covered by the selected papers: Classification and model estimation; Neural methods; Subspace methods; Clustering; Feature grouping; Discretization, selection and transformation; Application in medicine; Application of clustering; Time series and sequential pattern mining; Mining img in Computer vision; Mining img and texture; Mining motion from sequence; Speech analysis; Aspects of data mining; Text mining. Such a rich programme allowed the participants to have an opportunity to cross-fertilise researches from different fields, and to establish new contacts for cooperation on common research interests.

The proceedings volume (published by Springer-Verlag as vol. 3587 of the LNAI series) also includes a section on Industrial applications of data mining, resulting from the Industrial Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2005), the companion event of MDLM organised as well by IBaI that was held in Leipzig the week before MDLM.

The programme of the conference was enriched by a very nice dinner at Ratskeller, located in the "New City Hall" of Leipzig. The participants had also the opportunity to climb up the tower of the New City Hall from where all the city of Leipzig can be admired.