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WIPRA2013 - Program

July 15, 2013, Newar, USA

Workshop Chair: Patrick Wang

July 15, 2013
8.00 am- 9.00am Registration to the Workshop
July 15, 2012
9.00 am Securing Mass Biometric Templates Using Blockwise Multi-Resolution Clustering Watermarking Bassem S. Rabil, Robert Sabourin, and Eric Granger
9.20 am Handwritten Text Line Segmentation using Connectivity Strength between Connected Components Subhash Panwar and Neeta Nain
09.40 am A novel approach to iris normalization using non-concentric circles Edmundo Hoyle and Antonio Petraglia
10.10 am Coffee Break
10.40 am Appling Data Mining and Diffusion of Innovations to Build an Efficient Patent Strategy in RFID Industry Chwen-Tzeng Su
11.10 am Palmprint Recognition Based on Local Texture Features Slobodan Ribaric and Markan Lopar
11.40 am Image Segmentation of Brainbow Images by Using Dirichlet Mixture Models Chun-Che Weng, Hung-Hui Juan, and Henry Horng-Shing Lu
12.10 pm Vector Partition Methods on Spectral Matting and Image Segmentation Meng-Ying Chou, Hung-Hui Juan, and Horng-Shing Lu
12.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm Towards Automated Transactions based on the Offline Handwritten Signatures George S. Eskander, Robert Sabourin, and Eric Granger
01.50 pm Graph-based Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification Haoliang Yuan, Yang Lu, Yuan Yan Tang, and Patrick Wang
02.10 pm Removal of non-stationary see-through interferences from recto-verso documents Anna Tonazini
02.40 pm Discussion
03.15 pm End of Workshop
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