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MLDM Registration

20th International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining

July 18-23, 2025, Dresden, Germany

Tickets for the Main Conference (July 15-17, 2025).

Tickets for the Workshops on July 12th, 2025.

Tickets for the Tutorials (Case-Based Reasoning Tutorial on July 18, 2025 or Data Mining Tutorial on July 19, 2025 ).


Please use the same registration formular if you only like to register for the tutorial or to the workshops. Tick the event you like to participate.


If you like to register for ICDM or MDA please go to the respective conference site:


Register now: MLDM, Tutorials, and Workshop Registration-->

terms & conditions

Regular Participants as well as Presenters should register via this site.

Ticket Prices

Early Bird*,** From the 1st of June up to June 30th
On Site since 1st of July*,***
University 773.50€ 892.50€ 928.20€
Industry 1082.90€ 1201.90€ 1320.90€
Ticket (only) for University 392.70€ 428.40€ 464.10€
Ticket (only) for University 392.70€ 428.40€ 464.10€
Conference+Workshop Ticket for University 1088.85€ 1184.05€ 1291.15€
Workshop Ticket (only) for Industry 547.40€ 600.95€ 654.50€
Tutorial Ticket (only) for Industry 678.30€ 749.70€ 809.20€
Conference+Workshop Ticket for Industry 1511.30€ 1660.05€ 1808.80€
Visit to Exhibition 59.50€ 59.50€ 59.50€

  • Payment must be made within 8 days after registration. Otherwise it can be that higher ticket prices appliy.
  • We only accept payment via bank transfer.
  • For on-site registration only cash payment is accepted.

Terms and Conditions

A. Registration Process and Payment Method

  1. Please register under Registration.
  2. Regular participants have to pay the ticket.
  3. Authors have to pay for each accpeted paper the ticket.
  4. We accept only bank transfer. When a paper is submitted for the conference you receive the information for the bank transfer with the acceptance of your paper. Otherwise, after receipt of your registration we will send you the information for the bank transfer per email.
  5. Conference registrations will not be confirmed until the completed form and the correct payment is received and processed by the Registration Office.Early bird rates are only valid if we receive your payment no later than 1 month before the conference. If you pay on-site you have to pay the on site ticket regardless if you have registered earlier.
  6. Invitation letters (e.g. for visa) will be sent out only after payment of the full conference ticket. The letter will be send automatically via email after we have received and confirmed your payment. If the participant needs the invitation letter by surface mail, he has to pay the shipping costs. Invitation letters will be only issued for participants of the conference. We apologize if we cannot sent you an invitation letter for any of your accompanies. (more Information)
  7. Registrant should obtain confirmation from the Registration Office before committing to other travel arrangements.
  8. Accommodation costs are not included in the conference ticket.
    Attendees are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.
  9. The participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Changes in program can be necessary but are very rarely. We are not responsible for any changes in your travel arrangements. Changes in Hotel bookings are also under the responsibility of the participants.

B. Cancellation Policy

  1. Authors will not get a refund after cancellation.
  2. Conference registration can be cancelled only in writing to MLDM Conference Registration Office.
  3. Conference registration cancelled on or before June 15th will be entitled to a 20 % refund. Registration cancelled after June 15th will not be entitled to a refund.